Your wedding day will be one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of your life. You will have your photos and videos as a testament to the grand day for the rest of your life. You will share these wonderful moments with family and friends. Those photos will stand the test of time and they should be timeless. Your car or cars will also have to stand the test of time. What better way to ensure that timelessness than to have a timeless classic. SydneyRides are able to ensure you grab that slice of timelessness with a classic vehicle of impeccable credentials. Our 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS is in immaculate condition and has all the features one would expect of an untouched original vehicle. Whether it be for the blushing bride to ride to the church with her father, or should it carry the bevy of beautiful bridesmaids, this vehicle is the perfect match to ride and shine on your special day. Hey guys, ever thought about the groom and groomsmen turning up in a rumbling V8 muscle car? Here’s your opportunity to grab a slice of the attention on the big day. Of course there is the getaway. What better impression to leave on your guests after the big event by fading off into the night in the quintessential getaway car.